Bridal Consultation and Preview

A bridal consultation and preview is your opportunity to meet and discuss your needs and desires with your professional makeup artist.


Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and you want to look your most beautiful.  Choosing the right makeup artist is so important to how your makeup will look, last and appear in your photos  and in person.  Every makeup artist is NOT created equal.  Experience and education is important, and so is how she listens to you.  There are so many look options possible and you have an idea in your mind as to your dream look.  Sometimes expressing it in words may be difficult. Taking time to meet with your artist at a bridal consultation and preview to discuss the look and try different options so you can actually see the results is recommended before your wedding day.  It will reduce time and stress on the big day.  Don’t miss this opportunity to meet your artist in advance.



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