Elleebana Lash Lift

Creating visibly longer looking lashes with a curl that lasts.

Elleebana Lash Lift gives a curl to your lashes that lasts up to 12 weeks!  Make your lashes look longer and more visible with a lift with Long Island NY’s certified Elleebana Lash Lift specialist and trainer.  This service will give you the lash look you want long after your event or any time.  Wake up with longer looking lashes that are all yours.

Elleebana eyelash lift

An eyelash lift means no more harsh glue to damage natural lashes.

Your eyelashes do not need to suffer with glued on extensions any more.  Elleebana has introduced a new eyelash system that can tame your lashes and cause them to hold a curl for up to 12 weeks.  The treatment takes only 25 minutes while you relax with your eyes closed. That means you can wake up with more prominent longer looking lashes every day without the fuss of mascara or the damage of glued on extensions. Healthier longer looking lashes all the time…plus less time applying makeup. That means extra time for a goodbye kiss. Wink, wink.

Who are eyelash lifts beneficial for?

This service is great for eyelashes that grow straight out, are over-curly, or along with lash growth serum.  You can also use lash extensions after the eyelash lift, for extra length.



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