Makeup in Fashion Film

Makeup in Fashion Film New York

Photography by Amanda Fordyce. Makeup Tammi MM Makeup

Did you know that fashion film festivals are popping up all over the world and makeup in fashion films are a blooming new job?

Fashion films are taking the industry by storm. As the newer “medium” of fashion, it’s something as makeup¬†and hair¬†artists we can’t ignore. As runway shows are becoming less desirable and designers are looking for ways to show their lines online, the fashion film will become of greater importance. And the progression of our industry, as the fashion industry greats predict, will become more team oriented. To me, that is exciting! To be able to build as a creative team, having a constant source of inspiration and advice in addition to view points from other areas of production is invaluable. Sharing.

Check this out with info on fashion films and some award winning ones to watch. See how makeup in fashion films is the next big thing!

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